Thursday, February 9, 2012

Do you need a smile?

I'll share a few from my day with you. See the hat? It's my hat from Disney World. Yes, he did sleep in it. The entire nap. Made me smile.

Do you want to ask him what he is? I did it for you. He's a tank driver. With a gun. And a steering wheel (the round plate turns). And a passenger. And appropriate ear protection gear, though it doesn't quite cover the ears. Don't you LOVE kids and their imaginations?

Then little girls with new dresses make me smile. They are appropriately twirly. And, gasp, I didn't make them. I sew. I love to sew. But I like spending as little money as possible too. I cannot sew dresses like this for the cost of what I can buy their spring dresses. I got to be with them when they picked them out and see their delight so I figure the dresses cost me nothing.

The hearts are in season. I received a kit for making cute little Valentine's in my last swap package. They were a hit. Kids getting crafty and having fun is definitely something smiles are made of.

I have been doing some sewing however. Wash cloth puppets for my next two swap packages. Although I have had requests for more to be made. Any guesses who? Easter basket additions perhaps?

And Mama's gotta brand new bag. Knitting bag that is. I thought the Christmas one had had a good life and it was time to break in a new one. I had leftovers from the boy's shirts. And I love Mickey Mouse. So there you have it.

And for the upcoming Easter swap, a spring looking bag.

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