Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Big NEWS!!

A quick post.  Time to start school and head outside to enjoy the sunshine!  A bit cold but sunny so we'll take it.  Still lots on the needles and in the sewing room but nothing finished to show yet.  Fingers crossed that next week the blog will be all about FOs.
So the big news?  IT'S A BOY!!!!  Grandmunchkin number 10 cooperated in the ultrasound and showed his Mommy, Daddy, brothers and sister that he's going to be a fun one to have around.  He moved and rolled and even waved.  And showed he was indeed a he.  Let the knitting begin!  9 birthdays in 7 weeks......

Guess who's birthday we celebrated last week?

 Oobleck was a huge hit!  And a huge mess!  Next year I will use a bigger tub or do it outside!  But they had a lot of fun and it sure made the story more understandable.  Especially the moral of the story.  Oobleck is basically equal parts cornstarch and water and, of course, it has to be green, so green food color.

 Now do you know?  Yep, Dr. Seuss.  Only because there are so many fun things to with Dr. Seuss.  We read his books and we had....Green eggs and Ham!  And roasted potatos and truffalo trees. 
 And let us not forget the pink yink ink drink!

 In other "big news", Miss R wrote her first story.  Inspired by Dr. Seuss perhaps?  And Mommy read it aloud during dinner.

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