Wednesday, March 14, 2012

It's Spring...for a day anyway.

Spring means there are bugs to find again.

Spring means digging in the dirt.
Spring means climbing trees without a coat because it's warm out.

Spring means getting Dirty!!
Spring also means Easter is almost here.  After years of having grandmunchkins, I finally made them all Easter baskets!  It took my son last year throwing down the gauntlet to make his daughter her first Easter Basket.  He wanted like his as a boy.  Only bigger.  Which meant redesigning the pattern.  Adding a few touches to make it more sturdy.  But it worked.  Which made it possible to make them all one this year.  Even little boy who will still be residing in the safe haven of his Mommy's tummy this Easter.  But it will be ready next year.
Mr. W's basket

Mr. B's

Miss S's

Miss R's

Miss S's

Mr. C's

For the grandsons

For the granddaughters

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  1. I love how you cherish your grandchildren and are helping to raise them. It is such a gift that they have in you. I so wish my children had that here.