Thursday, June 14, 2012

Meet my nemesis...

This would be it...shirts.  Men's or boy's shirts to be specific.  With collars.  And long sleeves with cuffs.  But primarily collars.  It involves ripping-usually.  It involves pinning.  Lots of pinning.  To get them just perfect.  Or at least acceptable.  And then add the details that make them a western shirts and you have the makings of a migraine.  But these went together like a breeze.  Am I getting better?  I can only hope. 

         Or maybe it's the pattern. 

Because this one was the typical nightmare.  I received the fabric in the elephant swap a few swaps back and was waiting for the perfect use for it.  This was it.  A little shirt for a new little man.  I'm glad you can't see the buttonholes.  Not pretty.  But the overall shirt came out cute.  I have two more shirts in the works from this pattern and they aren't going well.  So the pattern is going, in the garbage.  I can sew shirts without the headache considering the first two shirts.  So I'm blaming the pattern.
I can sew dresses and enjoy the whole process.  No jaw grinding.  The pink dress is from leftover fabric in my stash and fabric my sister gave to me.  The dress below was also fabric given to me.   The pattern for both dresses is the same pattern.  The granddaughters saw the pattern and said, "Would you make us a dress from this?" and then promptly picked the view they wanted.  Two little girls, alike in many ways but different in some and they know their own tastes.  I love that about them.  That they know what they like.  The dresses and western shirts are in lieu of graduation gifts to my grandmunchkins that are graduating from kindergarten. 
Do you want to know where I got such cute fabric for the dress and western shirts?  Here:
I was gifted in a random act of kindness, an entire box of fabric!  Rae Lynne, from my itty bitty group in ravelry is also a seamstress.  She was given some of her mother in law's stash of fabric and generously shared with me.  The itty bitty group is like that.  It is made of wonderful caring sharing ladies.  We pray for each other, gift each other RAKs, vent to each other, advise each other.  And we've never met.  We came together over knitting and stayed as friends.
And congratulations to my 4 kindergarten pupils!  They passed with flying colors.  I was blessed down to my socks to be allowed to teach them at home for kindergarten.  I hate to see my sweet little girl head off to actual school next year.  The other 3 have one more year with me.  I've enjoyed teaching them and they are very bright little pupils.  No prejudice at all, just fact.         


  1. Oh I love seeing that last photo with the kids wearing your handiwork!! :) They all look so happy and proud. :) Great job, Grandma!

  2. Oh I love seeing that last photo with the kids wearing your handiwork!! :) They all look so happy and proud. :) Great job, Grandma!