Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Entering into summer with a clean sewing table!

Summer is here!  And our lives are busy.  We really thought with the beginning of summer, life would slow down.  Instead it seems to be ramping up.  But in the midst of all the activities I've finished a lot of sewing projects.  Some have been sitting on the sewing table for awhile.  As an aside, there is Nothing on the sewing table now!  I don't like to sew so much in the summer.  I'd rather be outside knitting enjoying the flowers, the smells, the shade on a hot day.
This little jacket is for a soon to be 6 year old.  After it does a tour in the county fair.  Most of the projects here are going to be entered in the fair.  I've decided to compete in the Niftyist Needler competition.  It's a point system based on the ribbons you receive but you have to enter in at least different fiber arts.  For me that would be sewing, knitting, crocheting, quilting, and counted cross stitch. 
I digressed.  Back to the jacket.  I made this jacket for my own little girl many years ago.  And thereafter for nieces, showers, bazaars, granddaughters.  It's a fun little jacket to make and fairly fast.
Next up, a quilt top for little grandmunchkin soon to appear.  He's still safe and warm with his mommy and when he is born, he won't have much need of a quilt but a quilt he must have.  It is similar to those of his older brothers.  The log cabin blocks on the border I made some years ago and they've been sitting waiting for the right quilt to surround.  This was it.  I'm waiting on John Deere fabric to back it and it's going to the fair too as my quilt entry.
The is the fairytale dress.  I found the pattern on pininterest and, truth be told, I wanted to make it, just to make it.  It has some unique construction.  It also suits a certain little granddaughter's personality, both the dress and the fabric.  A well written unique pattern that I want to make again.  The above photo is the front and the below is the back.  The bodice width is adjustable depending on how tight you pull the bow.  The pattern has the little model wearing a peasant type blouse under and that does add to the dress.
Another nemesis, or rather two.  I made two of these shirts in different sizes just to use up the fabric.  After sweating and trying and trying to get the plaids to match, which I had matched when I cut it out, I realized the plaid in the fabric is off.  First the pattern is a nightmare, and then the fabric. I better get a blue ribbon on this one!
And the last of the sewing session was this dress and pinafore in the Laura Ingalls fashion.  The vintage looking fabric needed this kind of a pattern to pull it off.  I didn't like the way the pattern was written and they way it finished the neckline and arm bands so I won't be making it again.  As it was, I used every last inch of fabric so it was better the pattern didn't have full facings but I, personally, don't like garments finished that way.

I was only able to spend so much time in the sewing room because....
 We have had visitors, really cute ones, that come to read stories, help plant the garden, go for walks.
It's birthday season!  At least in our family.  9 grandmunchkin birthdays in 6 weeks!
                                                           This sweet girl is now 11! 
 And instead of cupcakes or cakes, we made fruit cake skewers and covered them in whipped cream.  They were a hit.  Some had a bit more cake, some a bit more fruit, but ALL had lots of whipped cream!
 Summer is a great time to make chains of all the wild flowers in the surrounding green spaces and woods.  The older is teaching the younger.  I loved watching this.
 A successful lesson and a proper crown for a beautiful princess.
 The garden is UP!  So are the weeds, which means weeding on a daily basis.  A row now, a row tomorrow.  It's a small bit of work each day which means it's still enjoyable.  I love this time in the garden.  If it's a longer time, the back complains, but a few rows a day keeps the weeds down and the garden still fun.
 Another birthday.  This one at the city water park.  What a great place for a birthday party.  And Graypa played the sap for a little, just turning two, granddaughter.  The grin on her face is priceless. 
And as if there isn't enough going on, throw in a week of VBS!  The kids are having a wonderful time and, rather than run there and back, I sit in the nice comfy chairs in the vestibule and knit!

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