Monday, October 15, 2012

There are some really great things about fall!

It's time to harvest the filberts.  Also known as hazelnuts.  My husband loves the filbert harvest.  He gets to get really dirty and play on tractors.  What's not to love?  He worked on this farm years ago and the farmer went home to be with the Lord some years ago.  His sons have taken over the farm and call him back to help with harvest.  The answer is always an eager "yes"!  The only thing that keeps him from fishing is playing on the farm.

 This year I was able to take the 5 year olds out for a field trip.  They learned about the harvest and best of all...they got to drive the sweeper that sweeps the nuts into rows.  And they got really really dirty too.  They wore masks like Graypa, and ear protection, like Graypa.
 If you look above this little girl's mask you can see twinkly eyes and know there is a big grin Under the mask!
 While waiting for a turn, the filbert trees are perfect climbing trees.  And what boy doesn't love to climb trees?  In sweaters Mommy knit to be rough and tough for boys that are all boys.

 Do you know what else is great about fall?  The pumpkin patches are open!  I knit a pumpkin hat for Mr. C's first trip to the pumpkin patch.  I finished it as they walked in the door for breakfast.  It's a tad big but maybe he'll get two seasons of wear.  Details on my ravelry page.
 Pumpkin patches are hard work so let's fill them up with a good breakfast.  Breakfast casserole, sausage, orange juice, and, for energy, donuts! 
 I think the donuts are kicking in.
 The first day of real rain in 4 months but the clouds held on to their drops while we were out pumpkin hunting.  Perfect day for the pumpkin patch.  Could it be that because there were raincoats, the rain stayed away?
 On our way to the corn maze was was great time to stop for a Daddy hug and photo op.
 Unfortunately, the 4 months of no rain and then an inch of rain in one day, made the corn maze a corn bog.  It was a no go this year.  But there was plenty of other things to do.
 Taking the train to the pumpkin patch for starters.
 It took very little time for Miss S to find her pumpkin.  Only requirement was that it was BIG!
 This little one inspected the pumpkin.  I thought for shape.  I was wrong.  It was inspected for size.  "Is it big enough?"

 But one of the grandmunchkins wanted a "baby" pumpkin.
 Graypa thought he had the cutest pumpkins in the patch.  I would have to agree with him.
 Another pumpkin seeker looking for a BIG one.  That was THE requirement for the perfect pumpkin...BIG!
 The pumpkin patch would seem the perfect place to get family pictures.  Not in this family.  It was a "Where's Waldo" photo shoot.  We finally got one of each family....without Waldo making an appearance.  But it is a good thing I have an SLR, that shoots lots of pictures, fast.  I caught the family picture while Waldo was moving to another location.  I love my family.  And they make me laugh.  But they would never let me be a professional photographer.

I love fall.  I think it's my favorite season.  And next week, another of my favorite fall happenings...the Guild retreat!  Knitting and classes and a break for a whole weekend!
I've been sewing up a storm finishing up all the fabric stash I have and putting some quilts together as I finish up the quilting hobby.  More later, with photos.

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