Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Thhhhaat's all folks!

The fabric stash that is.  It's gone.  A little drawer left in a stacking cart and enough yardage for a spring dress.  That's it.   Unless I buy fabric, my sewing/quilting days are limited.  That's a good thing.  I have a lot of yarn to use and lots of patterns.    

 This little skirt pattern is from a quilting magazine I bought a few years ago.  For this skirt pattern.  Not the quilts.  I had a wee bit of Minnie fabric left and some blue with pink flowers and they look great together.  An hour to wip this skirt up.
 The rest of the Disney stash went into shirts for the boys.  Don't look too closely.  There are no buttons yet.  I've got time.  It's fall here, heading into winter and too cold for short sleeved cotton shirts anyway.

 Fall means jumpers and turtlenecks.  I made a few jumpers and posted them unmodeled a couple of posts back.  I must say, they look better modeled.
 Especially when the little model is doing something so sweet as picking flowers for Mama.
 PJ fabric.  The last of it.  Little C is much too little for these and by the time he fits into them, his older brothers will have outgrown and worn out theirs.  That's ok.  His will be easy to spot in the laundry basket.  The only guy in the house with trains.
 Aprons.  Fun to sew, use very little fabric, and, at least around the holidays, they are still used.  This one was a free pattern on the internet and it called for a unique adjustment in the neckline and waist.  Strips are sewn and knotted through buttonholes at the correct measurement to go around the neck and waist. 
 I gave all the grandchildren but the youngest, at that time, an apron and chef's hat for Christmas a couple of years ago.   They are still using and playing with them.  So the littlest girl is getting hers next Christmas.  I'll have to make one for the littlest boy before then too.
 And finally quilts.  Better pictures of the center portion of the quilts.  And the blocks that will go around.  I still need to shop for border fabric between the center portion and blocks.  I'm leaning towards a red or maroon to make a pop in the quilt.  I tried purple and it didn't look right.  I have time since this will be a fair entry.
 I am sorely tempted to redo the blocks for this quilt.  The points aren't right and I'm not sure about the colors.
 The second beach quilt.
 I'm keeping the blocks.  Looking at these and the ones above there is a difference in the points and seam allowance.  Maybe in a month, or two, after Christmas, making 30 blocks won't be so daunting as it seems now.
 The little 2 year old is moving into a big bed early next year.  When they move in a big bed, they get a new quilt.  The applique and blocks are done.  There are 4 applique strips like this one and 4 block/heart strips.  I love the colors and critters on this quilt.  I made one similar 2 years ago and kept the pattern because it was so much fun to make and came out so cute.  The only difference is this one is butterflies and dragonflies.  The other was all butterflies.
 I just thought I'd share this.  My daugher found this idea on pininterest and knowing my foot fettish, baby foot fettish, she thought I'd like to give it a try.  I do like it but I'd like to try again with a black marker and cut some of the words so it's down to "fearfully and wonderfully made".  But what a great idea!
 And with that I bid you...HAPPY FALL!!!

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  1. The children's clothing is so great, but best of all are your quilts! They are beautiful and so much work! No wonder you're limiting your fabric stash. I wouldn't want to be tempted to make another one of those, either. :-)