Friday, March 29, 2013

Pardon the unscheduled break

It's been awhile, just a bit, since I last posted.  Maybe a month?  In that month the camera was in the shop for a shutter replacement and overall maintenance.  Just got the camera back and the computer hissed and gave it all up.  So a week wait for a new computer.   March was a busy month as you will see from the following pictures.  Lots of pictures.  It was so busy you will notice there are no finished projects from the sewing room or knitting needles.  But the finished projects in the way of grandmunchkin activities may provide some entertainment while you wait for knitting or sewing projects.  They are on the needles, they are almost done.  There was some sewing activity.  Two days worth.  And the project never made it out of the sewing room except via the garbage can.  It was a hard lesson but I learned.  I am not a quilter.  I'm done.  Or so she says now after a fiasco.  Someone ought to say something about now about getting back on the horse.  I fear it's been too long.  So without further ado, I give you grandmunchkins......
 St. Patrick's Day isn't just a day, it's a week long of activities and stories.  As is Dr. Seuss' birthday but there are no pictures this year.  We're not Irish (that I know of), but St. Patrick was a missionary so it's worth noting his day with an emphasis on what he did with his life.  But throw in the wearin' of the green and leprechauns and the fun stuff too.
 It was a good time to emphasize colors and have a glue craft too.  Colored noodles to glue and make a rainbow.
                                                          There were drawings.
 And spring sprung.  One of my favorite spring flowers bloomed out and sent a heady scent all through the yard.  The little bloom in the bush is growing and sprouting too.  Reading chapter books.  So much like her Mommy.  Give her the basics of reading and the love of books and poof, they're reading.  Her Mommy caught her reading while picking up toys.  Book in one hand and the other hand picking up toys, slowly.  The eyes and attention were on the book.  Yep, that's her Mommy all over again.
 I had an $8 coffee break.  I stopped in Joann's and picked up $8 worth of craft projects from their $1 bins.  The projects lasted long enough to give me a coffee break.  Hence the $8 coffee break.

Our son in law had a birthday.  And it was properly celebrated.  Dinner out, lots of handmade cards, lots of pictures.
 And someone was given a rib bone.  Just the bone with a hint of BBQ sauce remaining.  Although this picture doesn't show it, he had a bone in each hand and wondered why he was stuck with baby food when this flavor was available to others.

 I was RAK'd in the most spectacular fashion.  I didn't participate in the owl swap in the itty bitty group but Judi sent me a package.  Oh my, the goodies galore.  Craft projects for the kids, buttons, a hand knit owl that one decided was  hers, flannel for pjs, coloring pages, stickers, folders, goodies, just to name a few!
 The weather turned delightful so part of the school lesson plan became outdoor school.  Identifying trees, birds, bugs.  It started with the infamous child question, "Nonny, what is this?" and when I didn't know, Amazon to the rescue.  Guide books for kids. 
 Did you know a female robin has a grey head and a male is all black/brown?  I didn't either until our bird guide was read by this little one as we spotted a robin on our walk.
 Spring fever got to Graypa.  He took the day off to mow the lawn, wash the truck, and host a hot dog roast.

 Sometimes in all the excitement, things go a little awry.  She was ok, nary a scratch, but that cement is hard!

 One of the books in the RAK was "Owl Babies".  It's been read 4 times already.  A few of our grandmunchkins spent the night and delighted us with reading, and reading again, and reading again, the book
 Which brings us to today and egg coloring!  No time for coffee while they were creating today!  A few spills, a bit of sharing, some stickers, some markers, and we have spectacular eggs for the Easter bunny to hide.

 And after all the energy expended coloring eggs, there was still some left for a walk to the school and a picnic lunch and playing on the equipment.

Today is Good Friday.  On this Good Friday, the breakfast table conversation revolved around the fact that a perfect sacrifice was needed to save us from our sins. That God himself became a man and died on the cross for us. After that conversation the words from the song we sang last Sunday in church kept going through my head:

I am not skilled to understand what God has willed, what God has planned. I only know at right hand stands one who would be my Savior. I take him at his word and deed, Christ died to save me. This I read and in my heart I find a need of Him to be my Savior. I am truly blessed and my prayers have been answered that all but the two youngest at that breakfast table found a need of Him to be their Savior and reached out and accepted it. They talked about it because they knew it for themselves.  Thank you for stopping by.  It was quite a long post.  But if you stayed to the end, I pray you have found the need for Him to be your Savior too.

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  1. I am always at awe in all you get accomplished! Great testimony too. It is such a blessing to know we serve THE risen Savior.
    I see from FB that your Resurrection Sunday was a very busy one too :)