Tuesday, March 18, 2014

March is only half over?

And what a half of March it's been!  I have nothing to show in the finished projects but there is a lot going on  in my nook of the living room.  Hopefully there will be something finished soon!  Which is not to say there haven't been some fun happenings.  We celebrated Dr. Seuss birthday.  We celebrated it every year when my kids were little and it's fun to pick it back up again with grandmunchkins.  Green eggs and ham and pink ink yink drink are always on the menu.  I think she sports the pink ink yink drink mustache quite well.
Then there was a grandmunchkin sleepover so Mom and Dad could have a date night.  We played games, watched Peter Pan, and then all but Graypa and one grandson slept in the living room.  We hauled out beds and blankets and had a grand time of it.  The next morning it was off to a local coffee shop for hot chocolate and donuts and then to church.  I'm sure there Sunday school teacher appreciated 4 hyped up pupils.  I rested up in the nursery!

Spring has sprung!  Dinner on the deck and flowers blooming and birds chirping.  And rain.  Lots of rain!  But that's a spring definition in our neck of the woods.
Several in my itty bitty group have picked up cross stitch again.  I have felt the urge for some time and I just needed the little nudge.  I am loving it again.  This is my latest project.  It's a princess design I got from etsy and is stitched on sparkly linen.  Linen....arrrrghhhh.  Hard to count and despite being very careful in counting I was off by one thread when I finished the border.  I doubt anyone will be able to tell.  Maybe the judges at the fair?
This last weekend was a dream come true for me!  I got to attend Vogue Knitting Live and take a class from Susan B Anderson!  My Mom and Sis went with me for company and they seemed to enjoy the marketplace.  My Mom enjoyed Susan's lecture with me.  My sister loved the ferry ride on Sunday over to Bainbridge Island and Churchmouse Yarn and Teas.  She was so taken in by the yarn she bought a learn to knit book, some yummy yarn, and some needles.  We've inspired her to jump into the water.  I hope she finds it feels good!
Vogue Knitting Live was held in Medenbauer Convention Center.  It was open and airy and a great place to be inspired.
Yarn bombing everywhere!  This reminded me of Dr. Seuss!
A knit chess set.  I would love to have one of these.  There were kits being sold but there is no way I have time for it right now.  I loved looking at it though.
My favorite part of the day!  Susan's sock bunny class!  I got my knitting mojo back!  I love taking classes.  I always learn something new and am inspired.  This class was no exception!  I was so busy having fun I didn't take but a few pictures.
Sunday the rain was coming down but we decided to head for Bainbridge Island anyway.  We were going to be walk on but got in the wrong lane and ended up driving.  Considering the distance from the dock and the weather we are so glad I did!
Another something I really wanted to do...visit Churchmouse again!
It truly is a delightful yarn shop.
After that weekend of inspiration, I'm casting on and finishing up.  Hopefully the next post is all about knitting.  Wishful thinking since the little ones here take time and are so photo worthy that it will be about them.

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